Social Media Optimization in 2014

Social Media Optimization
On the way to digital marketing there are many approaches that can lead you to success but without inculcating SMO or social media marketing in your approach you cannot even think of success in the year 2014.

SMO is an inexpensive strategy towards your digital marketing objective. How can we say that? I have a justification for that. You can invest some of your money on social media management tools and in this way you can save money on hiring a dedicated social media manager. You can also make effective use of social media monitoring tools in order to track user metrics and performance analytics. This will certainly improve your SMO efforts over a period of time.

Many of you must be having a misconception that businesses who pay for sponsored social media ads get an upper hand in SMO but it is also not true, we have seen many examples which generate most of his business revenues just by organic promotion on Facebook.

How to get success at Social Media Optimization in 2014?
Without making goals you cannot lead anywhere so start making goals if you own a small business. Your goal could be any or all of these:
- Lead Generation for your business.
- Making your prospects aware about your brand.
- Building an online fan following who is interested in your products and services.
- Impeccable customer support.
- Building relationships with customers.
- Getting brand advocates who will tell good things about your brand to others and motivate others to buy your products.
- Make a plan, write down the milestones achieved and what is still to achieve on the performance sheet so that you can look back at them and improve on the existing SMO strategies.

Give Time and make a budget for SMO
Sparing an hour daily for your SMO efforts is a good idea. You can invest on sponsored social media ads if you have users who are social media savvy. It is highly useful at least it is inexpensive than hiring a dedicated social media manager. You can also spend a little on social media tools and in training yourself about those tools.

Keep a track of your social analytics
It is worthless if you are investing your time and money on multiple social media platforms just because it is trendy. It is better to focus on just those platforms that attract a number of users from your niche. You can also use social media tracking to know what works and what does not so that you can improvise on the best strategy.

How can you get results out of your SMO efforts?
There are many ways which you can implement in your SMO efforts to get good results. Let us see what are they.

1. Make Creative Videos:
There could be three types of users who may be interested in your business – Blog, Infographics and Videos. Most of the users who are present over social networks are interested in the videos. Videos get shared better on social networks. This gives an upper hand over other mediums like blog and infographics. There can be many types of videos. It can be an explainer video, tutorials, reviews, or how -to-videos. They can be created by using a good quality camera.

If you don’t want to share it with classic YouTube and Vimeo then you have got the power of other micro video platforms such as Twitter’s Vine and Instagram’s video sharing feature.
As Google gives preferences to YouTube video results and since not many businesses have adopted video marketing therefore your brand have more chances to appear in Google search than any other brand.

2. It is better if your SMO is highly visual.
As we all know we have image sharing platforms like Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Flickr and Instagram. Their popularity is self-evident. That is why it is beneficial to make your SMO campaign more image-centric. You can never imagine how good image sharing can be in connecting your physical business to your social media presence.

3. Be attentive to what your customers want to say
Make effective use of tools like Social Mention or Google Alerts to monitor what your customers are saying about your brand. Take out time to address them. Checking your social brand pages regularly for any message is always a good habit. Give proper response to the queries of your customers. See their feedbacks and write response to their comments will certainly improve your bonding with your probable customers. If you have solved any problem of your prospect then they will certainly admire your action.

Social media brand pages play an important role in addressing your customers.
Making a user community in your niche is also good practice. Give time to address their questions so that they feel that they are welcomed personally.

4. Share, Follow, +1, Like and Retweet others content
If you expect that your content should be shared, you should be followed by others on social networks, people +1 your post on Google+ and your tweets should be retweeted then you will have to invest some time in doing these tasks for others. Realize others that their content is being read, liked and shared on different social media platforms like Facebook. It is not appreciable to be selfish by just promoting your own social media message about your own business only.

5. Engaging content is the key.
How well you engage your audience is the summary of all your social media optimization efforts. Spreading your marketing messages is not enough you need to engage your audience well to be on the top. Ask questions from your readers to engage them. This will also increase their fan participation.

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