Charge Your Smartphone Wirelessly – Wireless Charging – A Dream Come True!

wireless chargingThere is revolutionary success in the field of electrical engineering. Soon you will be able to charge your smartphone wirelessly. That means the power source is at a few meters away and you will be able to switch on your LED TV or charge your smartphone with this power source kept at a distance of few meters.

So, who carried out this remarkable experiment?

Scientists of a well known Asian country has been given the credit of developing a prototype of DCRS that allows a LED TV to turn on at a distance of 5 metres from the power source.

What is this technology?

It is Dipole Coil Resonant System by which a large LED TV or three 40 W- fans can be powered from a distance of approximately 5 metres away from the power source. This is supposed to be a major improvement in the wireless power supply phenomenon.

This remote power delivery system was never tried before from such a long distance.

According to the scientists, it is just like Wi-Fi zone which we see everywhere today. Wi-power zones may be developed in future near restaurants and prominent streets that will provide electric power without any wire to the electronic devices like cell phones, tablets, gadgets and TVs.

A number of experiments have been done to achieve this remarkable finding. Let us try to understand how it works. According to the prominent scientist and their team, they proposed an optimally designed coil structure. This structure had two magnetic dipole coils. The primary coil was used to induce a magnetic field whereas the secondary coil was used to receive the electric power.

Compact ferrite core rods with windings at their centres were used by the team. A magnetic field is generated by the high frequency AC current of the primary winding, after this the linkage magnetic flux induces the voltage at the secondary winding.

So, be prepared to welcome the next era of wireless technology in which you can charge your smartphones and play with your smartphone apps uninterruptedly without tangled wires attached to it.

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