Limitations of E-commerce

When the goods or services are sold or purchased over the Internet then this way of commerce is known as E-commerce. In this process consumers use the Internet to purchase goods and services online; added to this in web e-commerce businesses sell and communicate with other businesses through the Internet.

There is no doubt behind the fact that E-commerce has given many companies the right to cheer but there are few limitations of E-commerce too.

The companies or the businesses who are selling the products are not able to communicate with the customer face to face. Due to this they are not able to get the feedbacks about the products so that they may improvise on the products. Although online chat programs have solved this issue to some extent but it needs to be implemented on a large scale.

Another limitation with E-commerce is that you are not able to touch and check quality of a product before buying it.

Credit Card security is a serious issue. People who are carrying out a transaction over the Internet are worried about their credit card security. Customers are still worried and fear about their online Credit Card orders.
The next one is a technological limitation that the cost involved with bandwidth and server is too high.

Another limitation is that the people are becoming more and more isolated without having a contact with other people. Due to this people are facing difficulty interacting with people.

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