Why you should hire Android application developer ?

Android phones have captured a large area of market. Android application development is growing at faster rate because today, users want more characteristics and utility in their smart phones. Because of this developers are conglomerating the user’s demand with technology in order to come up with great design and apps.

Android applications have real influence in changing the feel, look and even functions of the mobile device. This makes the whole applications developing so much easier and affordable. It is open source software which acts as both an operating system and mobile software platform.

In order to create innovative applications, Android provides various features like:

–          EDGE, GSM, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, EV-DO, CDMA and UMTS technologies to send and receive data across mobile networks.

–          Characteristics of touch screens, accelerometer, video camera and magnetometer.

–          Inclusive libraries for 2D and 3D graphics.

–          Interprocess communication (IPC) message passing P2P using Google talk.

–          A wide range of libraries for video, image, audio files, which incorporates MPEG4, H.263, AMR-WB, AMR, AAC, JPG, WAV, MIDI, PNG, MP3. GIF and BMP formats.

–          SQLite for data storage.

Benefits of hiring Android developer

When you hire Android developers from offshore, chances are very high that you get proficient ones, who know their work quiet well. You can choose your team as per your specific requirements.

The developers make good use of this platform, SDK and other supporting technologies to develop great applications.

These developers are given sophisticated work environment so as to pursue your work with same dedication. It is not true that a developer who is working from offshore can’t update you with progress; he can by using mail, fax, video call and mobile. This way your developer can work under you but you don’t have to take trouble over stuffs like accumulation of staff space, internet connections, prepare for latest equipment, software and systems.

A developer immediately starts his work once you hired him. He will then updates you, communicate with you, and saves your time. Here you are the controller of all things like time interval, ownership, rights, communication methods, working time and many more.

So yes hiring Android application developer is very helpful to you. Many businesses prefer this method which saves their precious time and also affordable. Android is creating new wave in mobile world because of its superior flexibility and enhanced features, so choosing an offshore developer would definitely give you desired results.

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